Calmer: your portable toolkit of calming tools — all in one place

Imagine pressing a button that causes your favorite calming tools to appear immediately, on screen and provide the image, sound and text that’s just right for you.  Located on your mobile phone, Calmer keeps your tools safely all in one place as a portable toolkit that allows you to gather and store the reminders, tools, and techniques that you choose — the ones you already know are helpful  in managing a general anxiety disorder (GAD), and the depression that often accompanies it.

Pink Lotus flower: example of visual calming tool

Calmer allows people to import and/or record their favorite tools and put them onto a mobile phone to use later in case of an “anxiety attack.”

tools and mobile phone as metaphor for mobile toolkit equals Calmer, the calming tools app
For further information, contact Quinne Fokes, QFokes at gmail.